Upgrade Open Preprint Systems

OPS Version

Thank you for downloading the Public Knowledge Project's Open Preprint Systems. Before proceeding, please read the README and UPGRADE files included with this software. For more information about the Public Knowledge Project and its software projects, please visit the PKP web site. If you have bug reports or technical support inquiries about Open Preprint Systems, see the support forum or visit PKP's online bug reporting system. Although the support forum is the preferred method of contact, you can also email the team at pkp.contact@gmail.com.

It is strongly recommended that you back up your database, files directory, and OPS installation directory before proceeding.

If you are running in PHP Safe Mode, please ensure that the max_execution_time directive in your php.ini configuration file is set to a high limit. If this or any other time limit (e.g. Apache's "Timeout" directive) is reached and the upgrade process is interrupted, manual intervention will be required.

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